The Full Monty

  • Do not beg anyone from our guild to give you free neopoints, items, Council jobs, promotions, or administration on the message boards or in neomail. If you really are poor, go to the Money Tree, play games, or participate in our contests. You have to apply for Council jobs and earn promotions.
  • Do not offer guild services or competitions without Council permission. To get an idea okayed, neomail it to Sam (amilu). The Council will vote on it and the results will be posted on the message board or website with comments on why each member voted how they did. Do not suggest Newbie Packs or a Pharmacy. They have been rejected multiple times. Please don't forget: NEVER mention prizes or contests on the guild boards. They are not allowed. Please read Neopets Terms and Conditions. Keep the guild, council and members safe at all times.
  • Do not attempt to scam or hack anyone. If you do, you must really be a desperate, lazy bum who can't support themselves. If you are caught attempting to, you can bet we won't be happy, and you can kiss your account goodbye.
  • No foul language. Do not insult or put down other members. If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say it at all. The guild is a community, and cannot be sucessful if peace and order are not maintained.
  • Do not post excessive one or two-liners. It's a message board and should be used for talking, but do not respond with one line posts when it is unnecessary. Keep a majority of yours posts from being one or two-liners. They are annoying to read and usually don't have a point. And don't talk to yourself. X_x; Someone will be along eventually... just be patient. One or two posts in a row responding to something or adding to a conversation is fine... but that's probably the only exception.
  • Do not use excessive neoHTML. Changing colors, fonts, sizes (not too big or small) is fine. Changing the style is fine. Just don't make it hard to read or do excessive marquees etc. For acceptable neoHTML, check out sites like this one.
  • Do not start arguments. If you need to settle something with someone, use neomail, not the message boards. We want to keep the message boards clean, & arguments on the message boards may sometimes upset other members.
  • Do not send chain letters to other members without their permission. Sending them to x amount of people will not get you items, good luck, bad luck, etc. All you will get is x people annoyed at you.
  • No "sticky caps" (LiKe ThIs). Please try to spell things right and so that everyone can understand what you are trying to say. Speak so you can be understood; if it's not in a dictionary, it doesn't belong on the guild boards.
  • Do not spam the message boards. Spam is when you post the same message multiple times or you post a bunch of messages that do not add to the conversation. You do not need to reply to every message you missed while you were gone. If you are replying to a message and the reply is directed at one person neomail it!

Disclaimer: Council reserves the right to change the rules in any way, shape or form we see fit and that includes removing any member who either breaks the rules or acts in an inmature or n00b fashion. Your donations will not be rufunded if you are removed or leave the guild, so don't bother asking. If it's a huge issue, then don't donate in the first place.


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