Does this look familiar? Welcome to the guild site of Farindol! Look at all those links! ^^; Farindol just has so many things to offer to its members. The website is just filled with so much information! If you're new to the guild, make sure to check out the rules!

Beauty Contest:
The following pets are in the BC contest this week. Please vote and support our fellow guild members:

Got a pet in the beauty contest? Advertise here! Neomail Sam to be added to the site!

Upcoming BC

Activities and Features:

Don't forget about all the other activities along the side! We need some PARTICIPATION in here!

Adoption Agency:
The guild's adoption agency hasn't quite been sorted out with... but Farindol is a proud part of the AGA! Check them out at:

Site News:
24-06-08: Oekaki Board, now up!
24-06-08: Just migrated servers to DreamHost! Hope you notice how much faster everything loads. ;)

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